One of my favorite songs that I had the privilege of working on. Song was produced by one of my best friends and biz partners Grammy award producer DJ Khalil.

The story behind this song is really crazy on how it all took place and came together. How the track was sent to Drake via Myspace, yes Myspace, when he wasn’t even big yet. lol He recorded the first two verses right around the time he first blew up with the mixtape songs then sat on the song for some time. Around this time I was working with Pitbull and ran into Drake at a studio in Hollywood. We started talking and he told me he actually recorded a few tracks we had sent him and one in particular being this song but he hadn’t finished it.

This story is really longer than this but long story short, the night before he had to turn in the official album in he called me and wanted to put this song on it. So I called Kahlil and he finished up his tweaks on the track and we uploaded the tracked files to Drake in Canada. While this was going on Drake was recording his third verse to the song. If you really listen to the subject matter between the first two verses and the third you can tell the difference. Almost like the innocence of what he expected the music industry to be vs the tainted reality of what it really is.

Each song that my team and I have worked on over the years via placed/A&R/produced has a unique story. A lot of hard work, being in the right place at the right time and blessed to be honest.