Did these custom AF1s for a co-worker/friend of mine, themed around his favorite Star Wars character General Grievous. All started off with designing these digitally via photoshop and illustrator first, to allow him to get an idea of what the possibilities could be. Almost treated him like a client (lol) sending him options/different versions which lead to locking in the final design that eventually became the shoes This was a really fun project to work on.

A few quick callouts that I would like to mention:

  • The silver logo on the sides and back are the Kaleesh symbol, General Grievous’ species and logo.
  • The silhouetted patten in the main part of the shoe is Grievous’ head and the Independent Systems logo.
  • The alternating blue/green swooshes references the alternating green/blue lightsabers that he uses – If you view the shoes from one side they are both blue and vice versa. Also, in the swooshes I put Aurebesh text to act as a pattern throughout.
  • The insoles are custom with one side having a blue glow verses the other side having a green glow to carry on the theme throughout.
  • Added a few custom tweaks to the shoe box as well. Too bad the box came a little damaged.

I actually took pics of the whole process this time. I always forget to. Here are some pics of the process below.